Sunday, December 26, 2004


Skang kat bilik Yatie kat Soton :) Sampai last night. Ade akak sr kat sini jemput, pastuh pegi makan kat umah postgrad, then jumpe laa budak2 baru balik from eire kat sane.

Ari ni kedai tutup, public transport xde, so tak pegi mane2. Habiskan mase tengok movies ("re-watched" actually, coz I've wathced them before), makan, plus tengok happy tree friends which was one of me and my chaletmates routine in KMYS (I believe most of KMYSians as well ;P)

Esok nak gi jalan2 soton nye city centre, then the next day gonna spend my first boxing day at portsmouth. And malam nih probably finish another movie, again ;D

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Hmm...get this website from Tuan's YM status message. Give it 5 minutes. Give it a thought. Like the animation says: EVER WONDER?

And these are riddles asked by Imam al-Ghazali which I got from afriend in my friendster bulletin board. Why don't give them ur guess;

Suatu hari, Imam Al-Ghazali berkumpul dengan murid-muridnya lalu beliau bertanya ( teka-Teki ) :

Imam Ghazali = ' Apakah yang paling dekat dengan diri kita di dunia ini ?'
Murid 1=' Orang tua ' Murid 2=' Guru ' Murid 3=' Teman ' Murid 4=' Kaum kerabat

Imam Ghazali = ' Apa yang paling jauh dari kita di dunia ini?'
Murid 1= ' Negeri Cina ' Murid 2= ' Bulan Murid 3= 'Matahari ' Murid 4= ' Bintang-bintang '

Imam Ghazali = ' Apa yang paling besar didunia ini ?'
Murid 1= ' Gunung ' Murid 2= ' Matahari ' Murid 3= ' Bumi '

Imam Ghazali = ' Apa yang paling berat di dunia ?'
Murid 1= ' Baja' Murid 2= ' Besi ' Murid 3= ' Gajah '

Imam Ghazali = ' Apa yang paling ringan di dunia ini ?'
Murid 1= ' Kapas' Murid 2= ' Angin ' Murid 3= ' Debu ' Murid 4= ' Daun-daun'

Imam Ghazali = ' Apa yang paling tajam sekali didunia ini ?'
Murid- Murid dengan serentak menjawab= 'Pedang '

I'll leave u there. Will paste the answers from Imam al-Ghazali later. See if u can solve them out!!

Monday, December 20, 2004


Went to Durham 3 days ago, with a day trip to York on Saturday.

What a nice town!! York was so cool!! I was so impressed. It was probably the maitenance of the old building that make it a classic town.

Reached there before 10 a.m., then headed to York Minster, which I did not enter, (honestly coz it was charged) since I was saving my money for the what I heard as a scary and horror place to go to. And that was the York Dungeon. I had always wished to enter this kind of haunted house, and there I was... it wasn't really haunted though. There were neither ghosts flying around nor creepy sounds. It was more a historical story of the place, hence being a good place to those who are interested n history, which apparently, isn't my type at all!!

There were 5 shows in there. No need to tell everything here, better if u go and find them out by urselves. Except for 2 things that I'd like to mention here; first I was so shocked when the scary looking guy who acted as a doctor, threw the heart of a dead man (which I believed was a fake one) towards me and Kak Sarah. It was the surprise having somebody to throw things unexpectedly towards us that made us so shocked, well, at least I was so shocked until I produced no sound at all. Can't imagine if somebody took my pic that time. Heh;D

2nd is about the torture room, where they tell u about how people were being tortured in the past. One that looked so real was THE RAT. A rat was put in a cage above the victim, where a burning coal was placed above the cage to stimulate that rat to find a way out. And...the only way out is through the man's gut so it has to quickly bite the victim's abdomen to release itself... what a torture!!

Then went to designer outlet. Did not shopping that much after all...should save my money for the boxing day...hehe...hope things are on a real bargain price, as what I have always heard from the first week I came here :)

Had a fabulous time with Kak Jua, Kak Sarah and Kak Farah in Durham and York. Thanks akak2 semue!! Korang memang bes!!

Now, back to Newcastle again. I love being here anyway, thanks to the Almighty god to have been giving the opportunity to study here. I don't know what I like so much about Newcastle, but I know I love being here (semangat newcastle la plak, hehe). By the way, now looking forward to having a nice trip to London and Southampton.

View more pictures here:

Friday, December 17, 2004


Ufah!! Aku pon miss umah

Miss mama, papa, abang, we, dil, im.
Miss main video game ngan im.
Miss gaduh ngan im.
Miss mama punye masakan.
Miss lepak2 kat depan tv, pastuh bukak tingkap kat bilik dil, angin die perghh....masyuk alam.
Miss the feeling to go downstairs sebab takut kurnia terkejut. Hahaha
Miss pegi amik im kat sekolah.
Miss merepek ngan mama ngan im lepas dinner.
Miss kacau im beli burger. Hehe :)
Miss bile dil call tanye nak beli cd ape tiap kali die nak balik umah. heh, pembekal cd sungguh encik tuh.
Miss ajuk dil kecek kelate. Heheh...cemar deh.
Miss kaco bile abang nak kawen :P bile aa?
Miss kaco we ngan ??
Miss flowerhorn, especially bile time nak kasi makan kat die.
Miss everything.

Can't help feeling homesick when u're alone!!

Anyway, heading to durham and york tomorrow.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Wish I had time to update my blog before, but I was too tired and not in the mood to write sumthing, although I've got so many things to tell. Hehe, ever since I had my own blog(which started only a few days ago), these kind of thoughts had always came acroos my mind; "ooo..I wanna put this in the blog", "I can tell this in my blog"...eheh, especially pictures. But unfortunately I don't have a nice digital camera. Have a camcorder, but not a branded one n most of the pictures are veryyyy blurr, in other words, not nice. More suitable to be used as recorder rather than camera. Planning to get a new one, a digi cam - but need to wait til I've got some money!! And if I have a new one, can probably sell mine in ebay - hehe...just a quick thought, after witnessing ppl are making some money through this internet online market. Easy to get money, but it must be easier to spend money here. The point is gamba xcantik, so malasnye nak update kat dalam blog nih.

Teringat zaman mule2 dapat tahu website ebay nih...I was so addicted to it. Ini laa manusia...senang dilalaikan dengan hal dunia. And very recently this 'bloggie' things has replaced ebay, attracting me more to be as close as enough to Nini's computer - It's like Nini's room is mine now(huhu, Nini, it's still yours of course, only that I spend so much time being in ur room rather than mine) - well this was actually not solely due to the need(keep thinking whether it's a necessary things to do) to use the computer, but because a couple of friends were here, so give em my room and I slept in Nini's room for the past 2 nights. Thanx to Nini for being so generous lending me ur room n ur com. Can hardly wait to have my own com. Again, inila manusia, xpernah nak puas hati dengan ape yang kite ade (or is it just me??)

Niz (she's the somebody I meant) and her friend, Syahida - I believe I can call her my friend as well now ;) - they arrived here on the 13. I was supposed to pick them up at 11.20, but I got out quite late, with the quick learning from Ngocop on 'how to get a bus from central station to Fenham' (thanx to his map which made it sooo easy) rite before going to town. Was 5 minutes late, then try to find Niz...luckily tergerak nak call Ija kat umah, tanye kalo2 Niz ade call rumah(susahnye xde handphone nih). Rupenye encik tuh tertinggal train. baliklaa umah. Stat plan ape nak masak, and mulekan dgn buat kek pisang(it turned up more like cekodok yg bakar dlm oven instead of goreng..hehe, nvm, try again later, byk lg pisang :) Pastuh dah masyuk sgt, terlewat amik Niz.huhuhu. sori Niz!!!!! sejuk korang ek...kesiannye.Still feel guilty for that. Newcastle sejuk dr glasgow ek....huuhu....sori nizzzzz!!

To be continued...eheh, sumthing bad just happened...which i hate it soooo much. Don't feel like writing good stuff with Niz coming here no more. But more like writing something to muhasabah diri kite semue n tabahkan hati sendiri.

Hmm...kadang2 kite selalu jek rase tak mampu (mebbe aku sorg jek la kot) nak buat something, although we know it is definitely the right thing to do and in fact it comes as one of ur responsiblity. But u juz don't hav the gut to do that. Hmm...teringat firman Allah yang bermaksud lebih kurang camnih:

"Sesungguhnya Allah tak akan membebankan hamba2nya dengan perkara yang di luar kemampuan".

Itu janji Allah. Patutnye kalo kite fikir balik, kite mampu je nak buat, tapi tu laa. kadang2 (should be selalunye for me)kite lagi takut dengan hubungan sesame manusia drp hubungan dgn Allah. Astaghfirullahalazim. Sebab tu laa, teringat kate2 kak umi, kite org Islam kene slalu beramai2, bergerak in group. kite sbenanya mcm kambing, kalo ramai2 susahlaa serigale nak attack. Kalo sorg2, senang jek nak kene attack. Macam tu la kite, kalo slalu bersame2, make kuatla kite. Bukanlaa ckp kite xleh gaul ngan org plak. (Nanti ade plak yang salah paham). Cume itulaa...kalo kite sorg2 jek, susah nak bawak diri. Iman kite nih bukannye macam malaikat. maintain jek. kite manusia...even perkataan manusia tuh pon asalnye dr perkataan arab (nun.sin.ya = ape aa...nasia ke nasa...bgtau pls. jahilnye) maksudnye lupe. so kite nih mmg slalu lupe. Must always be reminded.

klaa...nak call aisyah (wan aisyah) jap. hehe, rindunye aisyah. sori ayat ntah ape2. xpandai lg nak menulis2 nih. n mood dah hilang... sambung citer niz dtg sini later.

Anyway, to niz, sorry yer kalo xterlayan sgt, eheh, cam busy sgt jek. tenkiu for cekodok yang u buat tuh. ingat pisang, ingat laa trip dtg newcastle...hehe, rajin2 dtg laa newcastle lg

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Assalamualaikum semua,

Alhamdulillah...finally, tersampai jugak hajat nak buat blog sendiri. Have been planning this a long time ago, kan aisyah kan??Anyway Aisyah, bile nak ade ur own blog?

Actually, have to admit that I am so 'buta IT'... so hope will discover more later, as I go on, learning to create my very own blog. Purpose of the blog?? Frankly speaking, I don't even know why I had been wishing to have one. Tengok orang lain ade, rase macam nak buat jugak. Hehe. Just see whether it's gonna work or not!! ;)'s the beginning of holidays here in Newcastle. Woke up VERY late today, and then went to usrah with Kak Umi at Canning Street. Gonna share some of the contents here. Not to show off or wut, but as a reminder for me, and others as well. (I know I'm not a perfect person, tp sampai bile nak tunggu perfect baru boleh nak share sumthing, btul dak?)

Kak Umi discussed with us (me, Ija n Imaan) about the very familiar word we've heard before; SYAHADAH. What does it mean? All muslims should know the lafaz dua kalimah syahadah tu, insyaAllah. Based on buku yang Kak Umi gune (can't remember wut the title is), syahadah membezakan yang Islam dan bukan Islam. So what if orang2 bukan Islam yang kita kenal pon tahu nak lafazkan syahadah?? Hmmmm...actually it's not only lafaz semata-mata. Lafaz tuh kene disertakan dengan kepercayaan (i guess ade lg satu, xbwk note book td, pegi tgn kosong, so xsalin...huhu,, next time i'll remember to bring one). Back to the topic; kepercayaan - means bile lafaz tuh...kene betul2 yakin bahawa tak ade tuhan lain selain Allah, dan Nabi Muhammad pesuruh Allah. So, kalau lafaz jek, tapi tak percaya pon ape yang derg lafaz, takde laa syahadah tuh dapat membezakan between us and them.

And, from lafaz 'La Ilaha IllAllah' (sori, hope i'll find out how to put tulisan jawi here) tuh, what's meant by Ilah is god, or tuhan. And the only god is Allah. Tiada tuhan selain Allah. 2 subtopik bwh tajuk Ilahi nih are:

1. Percaya bahawa Allah is the only god yang mane kite mengabdikan diri kepadenye.
2. Percaya bahawa Allah saje yang dapat memberi perlindungan kat kite.

Ade lagi 3, but to be continued... sebab dah kol 12.30 and our next plan was makan2 kat NANDO'S ngan bujang2 pompuan...proposed by Kak Jua. Talked about our plan during the holiday... Me??? I'm heading to London from 22nd until 31st Dec. 10 days. But actually, bukan London jek. On 24th, will be going to Soton then stay with Arfah, and probably going to Swindon(ade factory outlet kat situ)...hehe...nih budget shopping laa if tengah ade duit skarang :( By the way, hopefully JPA masukkanla this month nye duit cepat2 or at least please gimme another 40% of the past 3months allowance. Soooo pokai skarang. n THANKS to IJA for lending me some money... I'll pay u back after jpa dah masukkan duit, a.s.a.p. k?? pokai I am now!! huhu.... tapi tadi, Kak Jua ajak pegi York next weekend....and since Ija will be gone to Ireland that time, and I will probably left alone (don't know wut's Aisyah's -my housemate here- plan yet)...that sounds a really good idea. YORK... i think Nini mentioned something about York. Was it about how haunted it is? Couldn't remember. Tell you later, once I've stepped there ok.

Perghhh...panjang jugak ek my first entry. Sori laa rojak2 sungguh bahase. Kalo terer English, I will definitely won't rojak2. Hope it'll improve with time. Concerning the blog, becoming a new blogger here, so kalo ade nak comment or suggest anything, sudi2kanlaa yerk. Bak kata klasik dalam pantun ni:
Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil Galah tolong jolokkan,
Saya budak baru belajar,
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.