Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Tiap saat pun we grow up. Apa guna bertambah usia if we are not becoming more mature than before. If we still do not appreciate others that are important to us, and if we still do not know how to differentiate yang hak dan yang batil. My lil bro, hope you will grow up to be as nice a brother to us the siblings, as mithali a son to mama n papa, as funny and cheerful a friend to your friends, as brilliant a student to your teachers, as responsible a person to the ummah, and most important as obedient and faithful a believer to Allah.

Hey good news is no matter how old you are, you will always be a brother to a GOOD sister (hhehe)

*sori, aku copy je ayat ecard tu, malas nok tulis baru...*

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Ok. I have not been writing for a while. Almost two months from Eid and now is very close to another Eid celebration. And I was planning to go back home and play with my first niece, but the ticket is so expensive I just can't afford it myself, and I just can't afford asking "a few grands" from my parents. Well, at least it is so sweet to know that some people do miss me at home, although some admitted it but some didn't, I so know that you do Im, hehehe :P

Ok so my niece has almost turns 3 months now. I went to carboot this morning and bought a few things for her. And Danish and Fatin are back here in Newcastle!! I can't believe how fast and clever has Danish grown up - he can repeat your words, follow your instructions, laugh hilariously (when you push him in that kereta sorong plastik), and he is undeniably cute.

Quick update. I have finished my first sem exam - I won't say it was great, but some of the stations was not that bad. I knew it whenever I screwed it (apart from the sleepy patient that I thought was asked to act as a tired and sleepy patient - whom I assumed might has had partial ptosis due to ?pancoast tumour - but apparently that was not the case). And that stupid cannula station, why on earth would I insert blood when the question clearly asked me to insert the iv fluid? Guys, PLEASE read the question carefully and do exactly what it says, do not just assume the question. And DO NOT PANIC. 5 minutes is more than enough for a question and a cannulation procedure. Seriously.

And AGM Balai Malaysia (Malaysian community in Newcastle) has also been held. And I have just officially started my holiday in which I am going nowhere really, as opposed to last year (went back to Malaysia - its been a year now!) and last 2 years when I travelled to few different places). I will spend 6 days at PMS (Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk) in coventry - which I am sure would be beneficial - then I am gonna have Asma' coming here. And I should probably go and visit a few people I have been too busy to visit during the term time, and go and visit the newborns as well. And there will be another Eid without family (isk isk isk) and then another term will begin very soon - I will start with paediatrics in South Tyneside hospital.

Now it seems like I am gonna have a really short break, but the best part is I should startlooking for July ticket coz I am definitely planning to go back this summer. InsyaAllah.