Thursday, April 20, 2006


[cordoba pictures]

Caution: The earlier paragraphs of this entry was narrated a week after coming back from Spain, not exactly today.

Still recovering from my two weeks journey to Spain and the south of England. Don't know what got into me, but I got travel sickness during the first day of travel in Sevilla. Had diarrhoea and felt nausea throughout the day, was trying to force myself to vomit like a bulimic, but never did vomitted at all. Was trembling when we were praying, can't even stood up for long. Well that is the explanation for why did I miss the sightseeing in Sevilla. All I did was sleeping (or trying to sleep), thing I can always do in my room here. Heh, but never mind, there must be good reason why I felt so weak to even walk a distance. Cordoba and Granada were worth going after all. To be honest, I did not do what I have learned from the trips before; that is to do some research on the place to be visited. So I neglected the history and just went there with only one thing for sure in my mind: Long time ago, Islam was achieving its glorious time here. Even if you do not actually know that, you can make that conclusion when you go and visit Al-Hambra. Frankly, that was the best building I have ever seen so far. The architecture, the carvings... masyaAllah, they are so detailed, the walls are comprised mostly of marbles, even some of the ceilings as well. Too bad my memory card was already full when we reached there, but will upload pictures from those other sweet girls' cameras in my fotopages.

The walls of the palace were full of the words "LA GHALIBU ILLA ALLAH" - which means there is no conquerer but Allah.

And while in Cordoba, we met this muslim lady. Her name is Salma al-Faruki (forgive me if I got this worng). We visited her house, in which the ground floor serves as an exhibition place, where they put some historical Islamic stuff, whereas the first floor is basically where they live in. Meeting her was very nice, she was very friendly and enthusiastic. She spoke a lot about the greatness of Allah.

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. Meeting her was indeed another proof that all muslims share the same fikrah, the same purpose of life. She told us the same thing that has always been told. For example, to read the "3 Qul" verse in the Quran before you sleep. To get to know Allah by His 99 names as in Asma ul-Husna. To always thank Allah for his nikmat. Also, all those other things which I am sure all muslims who at least attended the Islamic class would have heard of it. Well, I hope all muslims do. It is interesting that despite we are living in a different continent (well, considering we are Malaysians), that is thousand miles away from each other, but I do feel like she is very close to us, probably for the same fikrah that we have. Even though it was the first time I meet her, and we probably won't meet again in this world (hopefully we'll do, in the paradise) it feels like I love her so much, and I believe this is what they call the ukhuwwah fillah. It's just amazing how you can love somebody just because you strongly feel that person has the same understanding as you do.

Well, as mentioned, half of this entry is only completed today, which is about 2 weeks after I have narrated the earlier half of the entry, and I completely have no idea of what I was about to say. Hopefully it is something, I'd rather finish it rather than just leave it hanging as a draft. I have uploaded some of the pictures from my camera in my fotopages. Mind you, those are only some from my pics, and we have 5 cameras full of pics, so do not actually know whether I am gonna be uploading all of them. Just do not like uploading the pics in fotopages coz it is so slow.

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[1st row: Medina az-Zahra, 2nd row: inside Mezquita, largest pic: entrance to Mezquita]

So new term is starting in less than a week. Kak Farah is still in her flight to Malaysia, I suppose. Danish is getting bigger and can stand up on his own now. Ija is 22 years old, I am gonna be 22 too shortly. Most people I know are expecting their baby as the foetus grow in the womb of their mother. Those who have just got SPM results are waiting for offers to university/college. While some are struggling with new job, and new life, some can be busy practising taekwondo. Also, some can be very homesick at times. Hmm...I guess that is what you say LIFE GOES ON.


1. Hari ni birthday Ija. Another day out for 196 Dilston girls. Went to Longsand (?) Beach in Tynemouth. Cantik sangat. Also, makan fish and chips kat North Shield - well, finally! Hmm... sekarang baru tau mane nak bawak kalo ade kawan2 datang Newcastle =) Asalnya nak gi ice skating tapi tak sempat la plak. But had a nice day!

- Happy Birthday Ija!!
- Datangla Newcastle!

2. Hari ni jugak, Kak Farah dapat tiket flight die. Huhu, Kak Farah is leaving on a jetplane. Yes, balik Malaysia for good. Tomorrow, 6 a.m. Tadi pegi makan kat Nando's ngan Kak Farah n Kak Ina, as farewell dinner. Hmm... will miss her a lot.

- Dulu ade Kak Sarah, dah pindah Manchester. Skang Kak Farah yang nak balik, pasni akak2 lain pon tak lame dah. Sedihnye.

3. Hari ni penatnye. But happy to spend a day out with MY HOUSEMATES in NEWCASTLE. Lamenye rase tak duk Newcastle. Tapi, sedih. Sebab my dearie Kak Farah dah nak balik in only a few hours from now. Isk isk isk.

- Dah banyak hari tak buat kerja. Maka, azamku = esok at least kene buat kerja! Aja aja fighting!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Pernah hati ini terguris
Dengan fitnah dan tohmahan menghiris
Sehingga terasa diri ini hina
Kerana tiada siapa yang sudi membela

Kutabahkan hatiku harungi hidup
Biarpun tiada siapa yang menemani
Keseorangan aku di lautan sepi
Ditinggalkan mereka yang aku percayai

Namun ku tahu ada hikmahnya
Setiap segala yang menimpa diri
Kuserahkan segala padaMu Tuhan
Yang berkuasa jua mencipta
Kerana engkau Maha Mengetahui
Segala apa yang terbuku di hati

Ya Allah tidakku terdaya lagi
Menahan dugaan yang mencabar ini
Terasa bagai noktah telah kutemui
Mengakhiri segala yang telah aku mulai

Ya Allah engkau lindungilah aku
Bekalkanlah daku dengan limpahan iman
Agar tabahku menghadapi dugaan
Agar tidakku berhenti di pertengahan

Kini di sini aku berdiri
Bersama harapan yang tulus suci
Agar terbitlah kembali menteri pagi
Setelah malamku berkalut benci

lagu & lirik : Syam(Syamer DeHearty)