Monday, June 09, 2008


I was looking forward to have my elective in my home country, and it is my first day today. I anticipated it to be quite scary, but it was not that bad. I'd say (for the first day) it is almost the same as my SSC. You could just do anything you want. I met 2 of my schoolmates today. One is doing elective too, and another has just started her housemanship 6 days ago.

While waiting for my mum to pick me up (duh, need to pass another private driving test with me mum before I can drive again), there was a person asking a taxi driver how much it would cost to bring her family to Manir (that is about 10-15 minutes from HKT - more or less) and I was not looking at them at this time.

The girl: Pokcik, berape tambang nok gi Manir?
Taxi driver: Dalam 20 riya.
(I assumed the girl then went to get her family. Later, there were a few people waiting at the booth with me)
Me: Mahal gok eh pokcik tambang nok gi Manir. 20 riya. Sebab minyok naik harge ke pokcik?
Pakcik: Ho (muke macam nak taknak jawab). Adik duk mane?
Me: Kuale Iba (Ibai)
Pakcik: Hooo... tuh dalam 10 riya ah. Kalu masuk dalam sket 15 riya.

Me: (Alamak. Ingatkan ni ayah akak tu ie passenger to be, rupenye taxi driver!!!)

Hahaha...lain kali jangan pandai-pandai je tegur orang. Suka hati je.

The point is, yes, I am back in Malaysia. Hopefully another 11 weeks won't go too quick. Oh, and the news is all about the rise in fuel price. ***Ubah gaya hidup?***