Thursday, August 28, 2008


It has been so long since the last time the seven of us are together in a photo. Finally, after a long argument whether all should be sending me at the airport that night (it meant we need 2 cars then), here you go... a photo of all of us in family (and including young cute adorable little Damia!). It is not a good one, but it is good because we are all in it.

Oh my god, Damia is SO cute, you should all see her videos, especially when she starts to pretend reciting the Quran or anything with Jawi writing on the paper. At least she pronounces Allah very clearly when she does the recitation. She really IS gorgeous, apart from her moody swings, but who doesn't... I miss her so much already.

Coming back to Newcastle this year is a lot different from years before. A smaller part is that it was my first time travelling back to the UK not on my own. And the biggest part is because it is going to be our final year, and I am gonna be sent away from the rest, and I dont know whether I can depend on them to study together again. As it has always been. It is scary, but I wont let that bother me now. And it is scary while on the way, we were talking about working as doctors already. Be it in the UK or in Malaysia.

Another thing that makes it different this year is that my brother is joining me in the UK next month although he's gonna be down south in Warwick... so yes, I will see you if not in Warwick, you will come up to Newcastle hahaha.