Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I know this seems a bit weird after a long pause from blogging =) (which was 4 months ago?)

I used to always put my exams timetable here and has always asked for some prayers from the readers. And that is all my purpose for today. Nobody knows that I might have passed my previous exams due to the prayer made by any of you when you come across this page.

Always heard this: "Doa seorang sahabat yang tak diketahui dimakbulkan Allah" - insyaAllah.

So here goes me exam timetable, roughly (since have not checked the details yet):

Wednesday, 12 Dec 07, p.m. - Paper I
Thursday, 13 Dec 07 , p.m. - Paper II

And this is going to be the last paper exams before the finals!

And welcome to the last month of the Islamic calendar =)