Friday, June 05, 2009

OSCE 2009

Glad I have finished it now. Currently am sitting in the library cluster after picking up an EMQ and MCQ book for medical finals - to prepare for the next two papers. I feel like giving myself a rest today, I deserve one at least. Weather does not let me to wander around in the city centre - it is raining today, so here I am in the library writing up my blog.

Just to recall the OSCE stations I had this morning (and I will save this post until tonight so it will be fair for all the students in morning and afternoon circuit, just in case people do google for the questions). It was quite fair, although I agree with Helen, are we not supposed to take history anymore? No history station at all, apart from the suicide risk assessment.

STATION 1: EXAMINATION - respiratory system

STATION 2: PROCEDURE - blood transfusion, prescription, cannulation

STATION 3: EXAMINATION - Praecordium: not sure what murmur it was but there was definitely a murmur, loudest at mitral area

STATION 4: SUICIDE RISK - stressful;the actor was really reluctant to speak, the examiner was not smiling or as friendly either. I think I might have failed this one, although I hope I did not

STATION 5: EXAMINATION - Hand. Obvious psoriatic lesion on elbow, painful DIP PIP joints, onycholysis. This gave me wide smile, definite psoriatic arthritis. But I did not manage to finish all the function and movement test as not enough time. Probably spent to much time describing the psoriasis. Hope will pass this one.

STATION 6: ILS - as expected. A bit disappointed though coz it did not feel real, did not have to attach the machine, a bit blurr and kept asking the examiner do I need to do this or that, is the help here bla bla bla.

STATION 7: EXAMINATION - Diabetic feet. Glad I had a look at his footwear as he was wearing special one. Borderline pass/fail - I think I missed a few stuff. There was no obvious abnormalities that I can comment on. This came out in third year and I remember failing it despite the obvious findings I found on the patient.

STATION 8: PROCEDURE/EXAMINATION - Cervical smear and bimanual examination on dummy

STATION 9: EXAMINATION - abdominal but just asked to only examine the abdomen. Definitely a lump, very vague. Examiner not looking too friendly

STATION 10: EXAMINATION - Asked to examine the eye. VERY vague and unspecific instruction. And worse, I DID NOT NOTICE THAT THERE WAS A SNELLEN CHART PROVIDED, neither did I mention it. It was only when Kate asked how the Snellen chart should be in reality - then I went "Was there a snellen chart????". Arggghhh.

STATION 11: DEATH CERTIFICATE - straight forward case. Bronchopneumonia due to R anterior circulation stroke. Even had extra time drink, it was the last station for too. I will be very upset if I fail this one.

STATION 12: KARDEX - 3-4 pages of patient's notes. Asked to write down new cardex as it was lost during transfer to ward. Also to add Abx. My first station, was bit blank coz didnt look up at the instruction (as it was pasted on the wall/door and I was sitting looking down reading to the notes). But got there eventually except no time to prescribe any drugs on the plan list. Might have failed this one too.

STATION 13: VIDEO - Ward round notes. LOTS and LOTS of details, really impossible to listen and write down all of them (for me). Hope I will get marks for all the simple details on the sheet.

STATION 14: VIDEO - psychiatry video SAME as OSCE IN THIRD YEAR!!!!! Did not expect this was going to come out again, so did not pay much attention to it. Failed the one in third year, not sure how I did this time.

STATION 15: KARDEX - patient with NON STEMI. Was asked to prescribe 3 drugs (cant remember) but not sure if I need to add others. The only one I had time for was clopidogrel - not sure if I will be penalised to have prescribed that as it was not on the list.

So there you go. One fourth of the assessment of the five years torture in medical school. Can hardly wait to finish the other three...and to qualify! (insyaAllah if thats best for me)

Thursday, June 04, 2009


I have received some texts from few people wishing me the best for tomorrow - BIG THANKS to all. Yesterday, I wished the OSCE was this morning, coz I can hardly wait to finish OSCE so that I can move on to do some readings quickly. Today, I cannot believe it is tomorrow - the day we have to put in everything that we have learnt (or not) in the past 5 years of medical school.

I had a nervous breakdown far too early this time. I think it was between 2-3 weeks ago. Then, alhamdulillah it has been alright so far although frankly, at the back of my mind, there is still this worry that **** (but I am not gonna say this - I always, always throw this away as far as I can).

"Kalau Iffa buat camni, macam Iffa sangka buruk kat Allah, kan tak baik. Exam pun belum, kita usaha lah dulu". Yes. I had a moment of a serious breakdown, and I know that was bad. Shame on me.

Thanks to a friend who has always been there for me.

Everyhting that I have said previously is all coming back to me. Whether I pass or fail this one, it has all been written. All that I need to do is to put some effort into what I am doing, so to gain His mercy and as it is one important rule of sunnatullah. I have a few hours left before OSCE tomorrow - and to me, all I really need at this moment is to keep telling myself that I can do it. We all can do it. InsyaAllah.

I am just hoping and praying that we will all be very calm and able to understand the questions and finish it in 7 minutes each time. And hopefully I will not have that horrible sleep tonight where I will wake up every hour or so, looking at the time, worrying that I will be late for the exams. (I am sure lots of people do this too).

Okay, please pray for us.

ps: Hoepfully I will be able to take Dr Dark's advice til tomorrow; everything is in your head. You are going into the exams knowing that you will pass it. It really boosts up the confidence if you keep saying that. Try it!