Monday, November 12, 2012


There is this urge to write something today but I absolutely have no idea exactly what to write. But to my conscience, with nothing I could, and I usually always end up with a lot of things to say (ie write). So we will see...

I looked at my blog address and thought I'd changed the address to avoid using my full name as its address. Thought I should be more private about myself, although I may tell everything I chose to share in here. Hmmm maybe I should delete all the photos with me in it in here too (maybe, if I have the time and most importantly the urge).

I was watching the latest Malay movie 'Aku Terima Nikahnya' a few days back - finally a Malay movie with contents as compared to endemics of stupid comedy movies that I think were trying too hard to be funny that made them not hilarious at all, rather irritating. Nevertheless I have to sadly admit that Malaysian stars are now too daring and I have no idea how they can act as good muslims but perform sinful acts in real life at the same time. I do condemn the acts, but I wont comment much about the them, I might have been worse than anybody else.

Anyway, back to its content. It was a story about a newly married couple, Johan and Alisa. Johan then had an accident which had caused him selective amnesia, that he could not remember getting married to Alisa neither his feelings for her. To my view, Alisa had been very patient trying to win back her husband's love. Initially I was a bit mad at Johan, probably because of female preference. She was damn right guys play around with sweet words and can totally shut down in the end. But eventually I have to say, it is not his fault that he cannot remember. It is just so amazing how Allah can withdraw back whatever feelings He has already implanted in one's heart. I have so many thoughts and theories to share when I watched it, but right now I just can't put them in words.

Anyway. Sometimes when you watch a movie, you thought it is too full of drama that never happen in real life. But it does. You never thought it will until it happen in your life, or lives of someone close to you. Life is full of drama. Try to recall any sad things in the past and see what happened at certain time, certain place. It is like the flashback scenes in the movies. Then you see how dramatic your life is.