Sunday, July 15, 2007


I just need to pass my exams. And one of the reasons is her. My niece who I have never been able to see and hug, and whom I have bought loads of toys for - which are going to be the only things to bring back home in my luggage.

OSCE was so hard, hopefully I am over it now. But still finding it hard to motivate myself to study for my paper exams. And I suppose that is one of the reasons I am in front of the computer, typing all these out when I should be reading infectious disease handouts, or answering MCQ questions.

Please give me strength Ya Allah.

Friday, July 13, 2007


YM status: Clumsy Iffa!

nikmadihah: iffa tak clumsy. she is as graceful as a swan.
iffa: yes i am
iffa: i just spilled a cup of coffee on the table and some books and notes just went brown!!!!!!!!
nikmadihah: add flavour and spice to life
iffa: how was exam
nikmadihah: now u wont sleep while reading notes hehe
nikmadihah: ok tapi cuak for tomorrow.
iffa: or the noteswont sleep while reading me
nikmadihah: hahahahahahaha. lawakla tu. taknak chatting ngan iffa yg buzy. cu soon
iffa: all the bestok
iffa: kene study pon
nikmadihah: ok beb. u too
iffa: doakan kame
iffa: kami
nikmadihah: ok insyAllah
nikmadihah: wslm

Please pray that me in exams is totally the opposite (it's practical exams tomorrow, and clumsiness won't help at all!)

Monday, July 02, 2007


Yes, it is almost towards the end of the third year. Hopefully it will really be the end of third year, going into the fourth year a.k.a. the 'holiday' year for medics in Newcastle.

Stressing out for the exams is basically the background thought of my mind right now, although I have to say I have not put much effort yet so far, despite the library being more like a home now. Well I do try the best I could afford now, there are just too many things I need to study that I do not know where to start, and how to be organised with it. Anyway, please pray for us, the third years...

03 July 07 CIDR assessment

05 July 07 GP assessment

13 July 07 OSCE

19 July 07 Paper 1

20 July 07 Paper 2

All the best to those who are having exams or writing up reports too! Or for those with problems in life that need sorting out, may Allah guide us all in the right path.