Monday, June 03, 2013


This is one motivational video I need to replay many times to keep me going. Replaying because the motivation just doesnt last very long, how weak I am.

It is already June 2013. Things have gone wild and unexpected. Remembering how life was planned ahead last year, today witnesses how very broken my heart still is. Despite knowing and having all the very good insight about how this is only His test, I still chose to dwell my past. I am fully aware that it is not something I should do, but when it comes to feelings, you just feel helpless and hopeless. Whoever is reading this, please pray for my strength, because a sincere untold prayer plays a role... I really need the strength and I do not seriously want to succumb to all this sadness, it is killing me, and I am no more myself!!! Verily, we can plan, but He is the Greatest Planner of all, may all go back to normal, in fact better than before.

*I hope the next time I read this post again, I will have already realised how stupid I am now for dwelling on what I shouldn't have.