Saturday, August 20, 2005


After I woke up this morning, my mom ask me to text my lil bro, who now is studying at Pulai Chondong Kelantan.

My text message:
Mama nk bli tiket bas blk ari sabtu dpn ke mg, nk hok within kol brp?

(text kene la dlm loghat ganu, paham2 la ye)

Later, I got a reply from him:
Amik tiket kol 12.30 ah kalu blh. Pah, suruh family kite sedekah al-fatihah ke kwn aku. Die plg ke rahmatullah smalam. Kes langgar lari.

He was only 18 years old (or probably younger). Bile2 mase je ajal menanti kite...


"Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): Sebenarnya maut yang kamu melarikan diri daripadanya itu, tetaplah ia akan menemui kamu; kemudian kamu akan dikembalikan kepada Allah Yang Mengetahui segala yang ghaib dan yang nyata, lalu Dia memberitahu kepada kamu apa yang kamu telah lakukan (serta membalasnya)." [al-Jumu'ah:8]

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Pejam celik. Pejam celik. Makan. Tengok tv. Tido. Komputer. Jalan-jalan.

Heh, dah nak abes rupenye cuti2 Malaysia. Waa....taktau ape nak tulis. Tapi nak post jugak. Sorila kalo tak bermanfaat. "Percakapan yang bermanfaat ialah yang tidak menimbulkan persoalan." <---betul ke nih? Kalo salah, sile betulkan.

Dah nak balik 24 Ogos ni. So dah kene start beli stok2 makanan yang nak bawak 'pegi' kat sane (kontroversi betul perkataan 'balik' yer). Ikan bilis, sup bunjut etc. Ade mak sedare offer nak buatkan sambal ikan (serunding), nak jugak bawak, tapi horror jugak, kalo bau kuat skali ade anjing cam ari tuh, kena tahan declare barang plak. Assume security makin ketat sekarang nih. So patut bawak ke tak haa? Huhu.

Hmm...Terasa kejap je plak cuti ni. But anyway. Cuti tak abes lagi pon, to be continued kat Europe plak =). Takpe nanti nak balik lagi. Tapi, itula, kita hanya merancang, tapi tuhan yang menentukan.

Sorila membuang mase korang yang bace entry ni. Saje nak meluahkan perasaan yang taktau nak describe macam mane. Entahla, takde perasaan kot.

A level result dah pon kuar (unofficially). Congratulations to those who make it to their firm uni. Yang tak berjaya, insyaAllah ada hikmah.

Itu jek. Tak tau camne nak ending :P


Monday, August 08, 2005


Did a little shopping yesterday.

And a couple of incidents reminded me of one thing that I wished to post long time ago.

I don’t know if this is merely my feeling. Or perhaps it only happened to me. I was at one supermarket and found a couple of nice long sleeve shirts so I headed towards the cashier to pay for that. It was in the afternoon and there were only a few customers on the floor. Right when I was just about to hand in those shirts to the cashier, she said “Pergi buat bil dulu”. No greetings. No smile. In fact the way she spoke - she was like yelling at me with a frowning stare!! Then there was a chinese staff next to her, she asked me for the clothes and started to scan the price tag. (tak mintak bil pon – ergghhh…emo la ni. Sabar…sabar)

I don’t know if it was just me being sensitive. But if you ask me, I would say she was very rude. So suddenly I remembered another time at the same store, only on different floor, when my sister was paying for her roller blade, that cashier was very unfriendly too, rising up her voice because…I can’t remember why. Muka masam macam cuka.

Not that I expect them to be so nice to me. At least please don’t scold the customers. And not that I want to condemn this kind of people – but am going to make compare some cashiers in Malaysia and some of those at UK, based on my experience. Because I think they are much better in this and it’s not wrong to learn what is good from them, right?

In the UK, I think most of the time the cashiers greet me first. They smile and say ‘Hi ya’ or ‘good afternoon’ and some of them even ask me whether I was doing fine. Is it so hard for some people to at least smile if they are too lazy to open their mouth and speak up? Or even if they are so reluctant to smile, can’t they just speak normally and not making angry faces and not to rise up the voice. I thought one of the cashiers’ roles is to cheer up the customer, not only to accept cash from them and put the things purchased in a plastic bag and hand in the receipt. And what’s wrong with smiling anyway? We were both females. In addition, bukan ke senyum tu satu sedekah?? Bak kate Aisyah, awet muda ape….smile vs botox =)

Not that I am saying all Malays are like that. And all British are good.

In fact, earlier in the morning, I was at the HSBC bank, wishing to take out some money from my oversea account. I was about to take my number (for the turn) when the guard approached me and asked if I need any help. Then when I said I have an account oversea, he asked me to wait at the special counter (coz he wasn’t sure about that), not at the other one where people normally deposit in or take out money (I guessed). So while I was waiting for a girl in front of me to settle the things up (I think she was opening a new account), there were a couple of makcik, came in to deposit in money using the deposit machine – I believe they didn’t know how to use that machine (not that I am insulting them, I’m not sure if I know how to handle it either). The point is, that guard generously helped them with the machine. And after quite a long time, he came to me smiling.

Pakcik guard: Lame kene tunggu ok?
Me: (smile). Hmm…nok wat gane.
Pakcik guard: Meh gi tanye kat kaunter nung la. (tunjuk kat kaunter biase tu)
Me: Buleh gok. Daripade tunggu je sini.

And it was quite funny when akak tuh cakap buleh amik kat ATM machine kalo ade kad. Hehe, so easy. But anyway. I can clearly see the different between pakcik guard and akak cashier (or maybe adik cashier). He volunteered to do more than he was expected to, but she did not do what I hoped to get from her. Although I spent much more time waiting in the bank, I was not pissed off at all. And even though I did not have to wait in line to pay for the shirts, I got out of the store feeling so angry with zero percent of satisfaction. InsyaAllah, banyak pahala pakcik tuh dapat.

Takpela… maybe that cashier was having problems, or tired of waiting in front of the cashier machine feeling so hungry coz it was about lunch time, so she just couldn’t control her mood.

P/s: Remind me of a movie – Changing Lanes. If only Ben Affleck asked politely where Samuel J was heading to, they both have nothing to loose. If only that cashier did not rise up her voice on me, I would have not think of writing this. Lucky I don't have the gut to hire a guy to cut off her account. Hehe, of course I don't. Like it is a big problem anyway.

Peringatan untuk kita semue bile kerja nanti. Like for me, a career as a doctor (insyaAllah) will not just mean meeting the patients, diagnosing them and prescribing medicine. I might have learned that thousands of time in ethics and PPD seminars – roles of a doctor, putting the patient first, etc. And I might have repeated it many times during the interview to get into med school…. But when it comes to working, I believe it will be much harder. It will not be just theories. Hope that we can give more than we are expected to. Wait…or at least give what we are expected to. =P