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RE: new edition (Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine Feedback Form)
Thursday, 20 August, 2009 4:36 PM
To:"afifah jaafar"

Dear Dr Jaafar,
many thanks for your email (and congratulations on your recent
qualification!). You've done right to ask, as the eighth edition is just
around the corner - we're working on the proofs now, and will expect to
see it in the shops early next year. I would recommend waiting until
Jan-Feb, when the new edition will be available for purchase. Many
thanks for your interest in the book, and we hope you will like and
enjoy the new edition.
Best wishes,
Mark Knowles

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I am just wondering if you are going to publish the 8th edition any time
soon, and if so, when? It is just that the last time I brought the 6th
edition, the 7th one came out a month after that and I was a bit
frustrated as the 7th one is much better I have to say (well done!). I
am thinking of buying the 7th one, but thought it is worth asking and
waiting if the 8th one is coming out very soon. Please could you advise
me on this matter.

Thank you.

Afifah Jaafar
Newly graduated medical student

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A few days ago when I was reading the NST, an article by Koh Lay Chin, "Growing alarm over sexualisation of young girls" caught my attention. She had been watching how girls as small as 4 years old, dancing like a grown up with all those sexy moves. She speaks her concerns over the topic wisely, and I would have to agree 100% to what she was saying.
"But there was something hinting at sexiness in those tiny moves, and I was not the only one who felt an awkward twitch by it. Apparently, parents and adults are getting more of those awkward twitches every day by the sexualisation of young girls, who feel the need to look, act, move or speak in a certain way to get attention or keep up with their peers."
May I also quote her last paragraph of the article:
"I can laugh about all this now since I don't have children, but I dread what I'll do in the future should I see my young child doing the provocative "booty shake". Summoning a crowd or videotaping it for posterity? Nay, I may just have to blow up the television set and lock Buttercup in a room forever. And ever."
I have been watching some ads on the telly promoting a tv show called bintang kecil or whatever equivalent (can hardly remember what the show was). Presumably, it is a singing competition between the young children since there were short clips of them singing in the ads. And dancing to the song, of course! Well, maybe I am just exaggerating the show, but I am sure there are lots of tv show nowadays that encourage kids to do some very provocative acts and I wonder what the parents think when they allow their kids to do such things.

May I quote again Koh Lay Chin last sentence:
"I may just have to blow up the television set and lock Buttercup in a room forever."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I knew this is too late already, but just to thanks all that have made it all possible. Especially the batch, the family, housemates and friends, the teachers and most importantly The Lord of course. And thank God all Malaysians in our batch graduated this year!

*missing in the Malaysian batch picture: Iris, Nithia and Su Ann.

So that was the end of the student life, and honestly I do not really look forward to the working life that quick. At least not at the moment. I am back in the hometown now - but everyday, I wake up thinking that it is no more holiday this time. Unlike the previous summer holidays, I am not going back to Newcastle, not within few years time at least. And that makes me miss Newcastle so much, especially that I have no clue to when I will be seeing the people I love there.

But yesterday has gone and all I have is today.