Friday, June 04, 2010


I received some replies to my previous recent postings and I wonder if my blog entries since I started working have been putting the wrong impression about my personal view of a life as a houseman. People who read those posts might thought it is always the darkness that haunts a h.o. life. Well, it is nothing like that. At all.

To be honest, I usually write when I feel the need to express my feelings, so people know what it is like to be in my situation. It just feels good to let it out by writing. I am sure there are so many young doctors in my situation but nobody who just sees us as doctors would have understood our feelings. For example when a UK medical graduate stays to work oversea, people will say he forgets where he came from or he's so materialistic - like doctors are all crazy about money. They do not see the other issues that we are not satisfied with or we worry about.

Anyway, the fact that I very rarely write means that there were only few bad days in my life- if not I might have written more and more =P. There are always ups and downs in whatever we do, wherever we are. If you ask me now, I am happy with my working life, I just wish the system are more helpful and I could do something more. Nice M.O.s and specialists helps a lot of course. I am not an egghead, but I had survived O&G and soon to finish medical - the two most tiring postings (so they say), so I guess, it is not as bad as what I have been writing.

All the bad things that have happened that we do not like or disguise or regretted in doing them - they just add on to our experience. After all, experience is the best teacher, aye? And it is the mother of wisdom (so they say, again).

My advice to the future housemen: do not count your chickens until they hatch. Even though you might always heard about the bad side of our lives, it does not mean we do not enjoy our works. We just moan so people will understand. You will only understand when you become one.