Thursday, February 07, 2013


Things do not happen the way we wish they would
You get upset
Your heart is broken
And truly
It is very hard to mend

You try to find the strength to move on
Days, weeks, months
Hopefully to get over it before years pass by
You wonder if it will ever heal
The broken heart

And a saying quotes
If you want Him to mend your broken heart
You have to give every pieces to Him
A trust, what you have to give Him
Convinced that He knows everything
And there is a greater plan for you, soon
The faith is what it's called

Have faith
Have faith
Have faith

Everyday you try to convince yourself
To put all the trust in Him
Sometimes it feels bad
When it feels so hard to believe
Even when you repeatedly saying it
Consciously or not
Can your broken heart be as numb
As it is not the way it used to be
And certainly not something you want it to change into

Ya Allah
Show us the way
Lead us to the right path
Let us have faith in You

Because sometimes
We have to stop worrying
Stop wondering and stop doubting
Have faith that things will work out
Maybe not how we planned
But just how it's meant to be