Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Bible version of Fitna?

"It is easy to take any parts of any Holy book that are out of content and make it sound like the most inhuman book ever written. This is what Geert Wilders did to gather more supporters to his hateful ideology. To create S.C.H.I.S.M."

A metaphoric reply to Fitna film?

JEDDAH, 10 April 2008 - A Saudi blogger has made a six-minute video entitled "Schism" by portraying texts from Christian sources out of context, similar to the way Dutch MP Geert Wilders made his recently-released anti-Qur'an film entitled "Fitna."

In his film, Raid Al-Saeed, 33, shows verses of the Bible that call for war and illustrated them with clips of extremist Christian groups that preach violence.

"I made it in less than 24 hours. In 'Schism,' I have used the same methodology that Wilders has used and that involves taking texts out of context," he told Arab News, adding that he made the film to prove that it is incorrect to judge Islam by watching "Fitna."

This is a point that he writes at the end of his short film. "It is easy to take part of any holy book out of context and make it sound like an inhumane book. This is what Geert Wilders did to gather supporters for his hateful ideology. To create 'Schism,'" he wrote.

Al-Saeed does not believe religious books call for violence and bloodshed. He said "Fitna" is "based on hate" and that Wilders has abused the "freedom of expression that he enjoys." He added that Wilders' movie reflects "his racism and hatred."

When Al-Saeed first posted his clip on YouTube on March 1, the video was removed within 12 hours with a message from the site that the clip violated its terms.

Al-Saeed wrote back to YouTube, asking why the movie was removed while "Fitna" remained available. He uploaded the film again and added a message for the site's administrators advising them to view Wilders' film before deleting the film.

His video has been viewed over 1,800 times and has been on YouTube since March 2. It is also available for viewing on Google.

Al-Saeed insists that his aim is not to spread hate but to tell the world that you cannot judge a religion or an ideology by taking things out of context.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I first used to watch House MD in my second year, when in our study group, one of us mentioned it helped him to memorise the clinical presentation of a certain disease due to watching the TV series. But watching it at that time put me off really so I stopped watching it. All it did was giving me headache - House and his team do the differentials too quick, I could hardly pick it up.

Then after a year, I started watching it again, and it does make more sense now, although most of the time, I do feel left behind. And it still is giving me headache every time I watch it. I do not know why I am stuck with it, but I am now on season 3. (it's season 4 on telly now)

There are times I enjoy his arguments with his colleagues or with his patients. But some other times, I do not agree a lot with Dr House particularly when he talks about his belief upon the non-existence of God.

Just a quote from the episode I have just finished watching:

[situation: a patient was asking House to talk about anything]

House: If we talk about anything, nothing will change.

Patient: It might.

House: How?

Patient: Time. Time changes everything.

House: That's what people say. It's not true. Doing things changes things. Not doing things leaves things exactly where they were.

There is always something to learn, be it the medical aspect or not.

Monday, April 07, 2008


I know I am a bit lag behind with this entry. But I just need to write something about it. I am sure loads and loads of people have already stated their comments - just look at the comments following the short movie when you youtube it.

Of course, there are just too many people, each with unique characteristic and personality, each with different belief and way they act... so there are just too many comments with the use of variety of languages which sometimes are very offensive.

As there has been lots of articles regarding this, I would not like to comment much. I just hope that people out there who never knew about Islam before, please do not depend merely on the movie as your sole source to get to know what Islam is about. I have to agree that some people do take only part of the verses - which is just not right. The Holy Quran comes as a whole and the message should be taken as a whole. Taking just one verse at a time and translating it literally, without knowing the reason behind the revelation of the verse (asbabun nuzul) and without understanding it fully, or without justifying it with other related verses in the Quran - this is just not right. Some people just have the tendency to do so. Let alone those who want to destroy Islam or who are Islamophobic, even some muslims have the tendency to do so for whatever reason. And please do not blame Islam if there are some of its followers who did not practise the right Islam as a whole. And please please please talk to people who really know about Islam than to listen to those who don't.

Whatever the intention of the film Fitna is, I just hope that it is for the best. We, muslims, have a right to be angry because it is an obvious insult to the religion. But I am calling for all muslims to be angry in a right way. This short film might just be a provocation towards the muslims. When we get angry too much, and start acting beyond the way we are supposed to - it is as if they have won. They win the viewers belief that Islam is really about killing people. That Islam is not a religion of piece as it should be.

As I said, I just hope that this is for the best. Maybe it is a warning for us muslims, to check whether we have done our best to do dakwah. Maybe it is a blessing when people heard about this, they tend to find out more about Islam. Who knows?

Below are two of my favourite links that I always go to, and they both commented about the film Fitna.

1. Saifulislam: Fitnah filem Fitna!
2. UZAR: Isu filem Fitna: Wajar boikot atau tidak?

"The Holy Quran also says: And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out of the place where they drove you out; for persecution is worse than killing"

"You forgot the first part of that verse brother. Fight in God's cause against those who fight you. But do not commit aggression. God does not love aggressions. There are many who are seeking god but instead end up following the devil"

"The greatest jihad is to fight the evil within yourself"


Are they both the same?

Ok. I know this is pretty weird that I am going to post something regarding these two reptiles. It just occurred that while my friends and I played a game which I will name as "who am I" on the animal theme, Chikita needed to guess alligator - which was fairly tricky because you won't normally go anywhere near alligator, when you had wrongly guess crocodile... They both seem the same, so we all had arguments whether alligator and crocodile are just the same.

We played the game when we were spending four days of our easter break in Northern Ireland - to be more specific at Giant's Causeway. Apparently it is widely known as the 8th wonder of the world (I just knew this) for its basalt columns but I have to say it is worth going there for the breathtaking view, subhanallah.

The Giant's Causeway. More pictures from the trip - click here.

So what are the differences between alligator and crocodile?

1. They come from different families of crocodylians; alligators from alligatoridae, and "true" crocodiles from crocodylidae.

2. Alligators (?commonly) found in the southern US and eastern China while crocodiles are (?commonly) found in Mexico, south and central America, Africa, South East Asia, and Australia - so it is crocodile that I must have come across, at the zoo, most probably.

3. Habitat - They both inhabit the grassy swamps and slow moving rivers. Both of them have special salt glands to get rid of excess salt, but these work less well in alligators so they prefer freshwater habitats, whereas crocodiles tend to live in saltwater habitats.

3. Shape of the jaw Alligators tend to have wide, U-shaped, rounded snouts, while crocodiles tend to have longer, more pointed, V-shaped snouts.

4. Placement of teeth - Upper jaw is wider than lower jaw in alligators so the teeth in lower jaw are almost completely covered up - unlike in crocodiles, in which the 4th teeth stick up over the upper lip.
*references and more info: 1, 2

One lesson I learned while playing the game. I suck at geography and other general knowledge! I admit that I do not read that much.

Also a lesson from the alligator-crocodile argument; how powerful Allah is to have created so many different range of creatures.