Friday, December 11, 2009


M.O. : Did you know what happened with .... (something about the current news which I can barely remember)
Me : What?
M.O : Ooo I forgot. H.O. doesn't really have time to follow news
Me : *sigh*

I'd normally do not read news anyway. I usually prefer to watch the news. I read only news that does not come out on telly e.g. what says PAS/PKR or whatever non goverment party re some issues.

But since being a houseman, I rarely watch the news, let alone reading any. I always do turn my laptop on when I come back home, but most of the time ended up in the bed, falling asleep unplanned. I think I slept too much already, but my body is still aching, I have no idea what the causes would have been.

And lately I have this weird thing at the end of my meals - strong smell of liquor always stopped me from eating further. Lucky it always happened at the end of meals, or else I would have lost lots of weight already! I guess too much of ARM (artificial rupture of membrane) already! Weird, as I left labour room for 2 weeks now, and never had that problems when I was in charge before.

Anyway, today marks 2 months of my working life in O & G department. Things have been going better than before - I believe I have learned loads of stuff especially the practical ones, but I long for more teaching as I know there are lots and lots of things I still need to know. Especially thinking that I might be sent off to anywhere; where I might need to decide on everything and will not have M.O.s/specialists to consult - trust me there are loadssss of stuff beyond my shallow knowledge I am holding on to. The first viva is soon expected, and I can confidently say i am not yet ready for it.

And I still hate making decisions, being h.o. sometimes you have no idea when to decide by yourself and when to consult if something is so obscured but I guess that is just the simple rule of being a houseman. Every week we are being audited for mistakes we have done(which I believe in some cases, h.o. should not be blamed at all), but I do like being there when the audit was done as we learn so much from mistakes. (but despite saying this, I hope I will never be the one being audited *sigh* God I just hope this wont jinx)

So that is 2 months of working life - I still have not taken any leaves yet (I gave up the last time I tried to apply one). Please pray I will get some at the end of this year as I really badly need some holidays.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


by Ija (who I usually agree with, and whom I miss so much - we are working in the same hospital, but very rarely seen each other)

It has been a circle from the earliest of human developement. But as we are living in a community which demonstrates such a cruelty, it is a shame if we can't see it with our very own eyes.

It is not far from me, seeing what is happening in Terengganu, a state taken as an example. Known for its glorious culture,food and OiL it is also known as one of the poorest states. It is.

Truthfully, the federal earnings from our valued source-OIL is such of a great number. The federal earns multi billions from that. The people in Terengganu should actually at least get something in return - a proper education, facilities and at least a proper health service. But they are not.

So many people had realised and claimed that if the earnings are 'used' properly by the federal, each of us can at least enjoy a decent allowance monthly. The gas for cooking will be free! Education should not be a problem. The villagers can have a proper transportation getting to the hospitals. The students from remote areas can enjoy schooling as they do not have to wait for hours and hours to get a lift to the school. What a shame to the superiors who had let these happening.

Now that the earnings are being swallowed and smuggled into their own pockets, they are the ones who are responsible for the consequences of these poor people.

I want to show a typical example. It all started from being in an unstable poor family. Imagine a boy having to stop school because there is no breadwinner and he has to be one. He does not like school cause it's very hard to get to. Starts working catching fishes in the sea with fellow adolescents, eventually gets into drug abusing. It is very common here. Or they get into this popular social activity -they went merempit. Got into an accident, and admitted to the hospital.

These rempits got somone killed. The rempits got comatosed. The parents are worried sick everyday, taking care relentlessly with sleepless nights. The mother patiently cares for the boy who is now require an attention of an infant. And when they are conscious , they get back into their attitudes-being rude and not thankful to the parents. But the parents keep being calm,thinking their child is unstable hence letting them to be as such.

I am pointing out that if at least if these people get their proper education, the chance of them being a social junkie is much less. And why did they not get the education they deserve? Because those responsible in providing it is not doing their jobs.

The circle of social problem does not start with poor home education. It starts from the government. It starts from the way resources are being given to the people. It is even worse when the money is there, instead it is going to the wrong hands. This is a circle which should be destroyed, as more poeple will suffer the consequences.