Sunday, March 07, 2010


It has been a while since the last entry. And with this entry, it is a goodbye to the story of people giving birth, or women with spontaneous abortion. Or being upset with those unmarried teenagers who can hardly bare the consequences of their own acts.

It is now all medical, and since I am placed in the male ward, I temporarily won't have to make any contact with the o&g department. The ward I am holding responsibility now is the worst one so far - it is always full and jobs never get done - the lists just go on and on and on like it will never come to an end. It has been nearly a month (omg) I am in medical now. And if you ask me how I feel; I feel like I have never been to medical school before! Too many stuff in medical, giving me reasons why I like o&g better.

But I still cannot see where my future lies. Definitely not medical, that is for sure. At least for now. Every day I found it hard to motivate myself - it is like I am a body without a soul, doing jobs just because I have to, and not because I enjoy doing it. The only thing that motivates me now are my nice ward M.O.s and specialist as well as a good team.

I need motivation, seriously.