Friday, September 19, 2008


So I am about to finish the second week of my 1st senior rotation, which is the mental health rotation, or simply known as psychiatry. I am not feeling well at the moment, still having this unresolved cough for ages - it might be due to my 'unhealthy' eating, hahah I think lots of future doctors or even doctors are lacking this good drive!

Anyway, I was part of the crisis team today - what we did was we went to see people who are at high risk of committing suicide, had some chat and hopefully they will see positive things coming out of the future. It was not a good day. I could barely stop coughing during the consultations, and it got worse in the afternoon, so I just slept all the way to the different houses we went to. I pity the social worker who I went with. Hope I did not cause so much trouble just now.

I do not like mental health that much to be honest, but I think it has been alright here in Carlisle. Almost everything is well organised so far. Although I have not seen a lot of patients but I got the chance to see at least one with different presentations, which is good. Honestly, I feel so sorry for these people, and it struck me how actually sane and lucky I am. The care for them here is first class I would say. I wonder how the situation is back in Malaysia.

Hmm, back to me and Carlisle, I am given this accommodation here which looks more like a hotel room to me really. But despite all these good things happening here, I am longing to go back and work in Malaysia. That's it. That is my decision. (may be for now at least, I just kept changing my view every day to be frank, and it frightens me a lot that I keep thinking about it - it means the finals is very near!). And I can hardly wait for Fridays to come so I can go back to Newcastle, break the fast together with others who were also fasting then do the prayers together. I am so accustomed to these that it feels so weird to go through Ramadhan without them.

And tomorrow will be Friday, yeay! ***lama tak dapat friday text dari madihah*** you know, Friday is a special day for Muslims (as Saturday for Jews, and Sunday for Christians).

Just a food for thought. If you think you are unfortunate enough, read this news. I just spent 3 pounds for my bus day rider ticket yesterday, and 23 people would have actually died for it! I once heard there are lots of us who are really patient, but yet very little of us who are grateful to Him. May we all belong in both groups.