Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Considering the quite regular basis of blogging I did over the first month in casualty, it seems like ages that I have not been updating anything on the blog. I have been quite sick - no, really sick with keyboards I guess, I wish there are devices which detect whatever I say verbally and turn them into the soft copy. No doubt there will be, in years if not too soon. The computerised system at the hospital is killing me, especially when there are way too many patients to be served. Now that we are moving forward to the second phase, I wonder if my eyes can endure looking at the computer screen too much. I hope it is the best for all.

Kinabalu Mountain; 16 December 2010 [Credits to Faizal]

I spent half of my holidays for this rotation climbing up Kinabalu, too much stories behind it that I refuse to type in, enough to share that I still have bilateral subcuticular haematomas on both my big toes, they are still black after one month coming down from there. Today, is my last day off in casualty that I am entitled to. Will be finishing off my rotation at casualty by 11th of February, provided I pass my viva of course. And the thickest logbook of all... Great, now these sound dreadful.

Three months being here, I have to say it is the best posting of all, despite the same moaning of unfairness and insatisfaction, it is a nice posting indeed. I still hate green zone as much as I used to at the beginning of the rotation, and I still love reds. Adrenaline rush...

Honestly, I do not mind staying at casualty for another 8months to complete my housemanship, swapping it with orthopaedic and paediatrics posting which coming up. New posting means new environment, new staff and superiors you need to be dealing with and get used to, new knowledge (which is good) and new everything. If only there is a way for me not to do the other two postings...